Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

It’s a Girl for the Bennifers!

Isn’t it funny how celebrity pregnancies work? In some cases you have celebrities that seem to stay pregnant until their eleventh trimester, like Ashlee Simpson. And in other cases, you have celebrities that announce their pregnancy and then seem to have their baby the following week. This is how I feel about Jenn Garner and Ben Affleck as it seems this pregnancy has just zoooomed by. Here is Ben Affleck taking his pregnant wife Jennifer Garner for a brief visit to Cedars Sinai Hospital, though why they were stopping in is unknown. They could have been checking out the maternity ward or filling out paperwork for their pending arrival, or Jennifer could have experienced some early contractions and needed a rush to the hospital. It seems by the looks of the picture that Jennifer isn’t doing all that well, so it was probably of no surprise to her or her husband that she went into labor very shortly after this photo was taken. The picture was taken on Sunday, and Jennifer and Ben welcomed the newest addition to their family just two days later on Tuesday morning, giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. No other details on their new little princess have been released, such as size or the ever elusive name question, but mom and Violet’s new little sister are doing very well. Just days before the delivery, Jennifer was spotted with her oldest daughter, three year old Violet at the Farmer’s Market in Pacific Palisades and grabbing a decaf coffee at Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica. And by all accounts, Jennifer is going to handle number two with the aplomb and grace that she did with Violet. Any co star that has worked with her, such as Alias co star and close friend Victor Garber, say that Jennifer will need no help in the mommy department. Friends close to her say that Jennifer is ‘the best mother they know’. And my hunch is it won’t be long before we see her big toothy grin as she introduces her new daughter to the rest of the world. Our congratulations go out to Ben, Jennifer, and new big sister little Violet.

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