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Adriana Lima OFF the Market

It seems like being engaged or getting secretly married is the new black in Hollywood, as Tinseltown’s hottest stars are being scooped up left right and center permanently. Engagement rings, and weddings, and secret elopements oh my. The next couple on the wedding block are none other than the smoking Adriana Lima and her NBA Star man Marko Jaric. And of course, it couldn’t happen on any other day than Valentine’s Day. Awww…collective hug. Or gag, depending on where you fall on the romance meter. Marko proposed to Adriana on her birthday, and the two got secretly married on Valentine’s Day in a quite ceremony in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But this is a couple that is going to have their cake and eat it too, so keep an eye out for more wedding details. Adriana is not wanting to miss the big white dress experience, and is planning a summer broo ha ha, second wedding of sorts, for all of their nearest and dearest. Their next wedding is expected to take place in Brazil, Adriana’s home country, or perhaps in Serbia where Marko is from. The happy couple met in 2006 and were engaged last June on Adriana’s 27th birthday. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Brazilian supermodel extraordinaire Adriana Lima has kept men panting for years. And now it seems, she is just going to have to stay but a mere fantasy for every man, as her tiny frame has now been weighed down by a beautiful engagement ring. Adriana is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret angel, and the shining face for Maybelline, though she is also rather famous as one of the sexiest women alive. And deservedly so. But nobody thinks that more than her sweet beau hunk and noted basketball star Marko Jaric. Thursday night was Adriana’s 27th birthday and Marko took Adriana for a night on the town to celebrate her birthday and to ask her to stay with him forever. Mind you, the pair have only been together for about nine months, but when your girlfriend is Adriana Lima, one must act fast. The Minnesota Timberwolves star admits he fell hard for Adriana’s beauty, both inside and out, and it was love at first sight. Clearly, Adriana feels the same as she has promised the rest of her life to him. Awwww. Collective hug. Many congrats to the happy couple!

Adriana Lima Has a New Man!

Here is the ever so stunning Adriana Lima at a Press Conference and Photo Call last Friday in Centro Comercial Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico. And you have to know that a woman this gorgeous just does not stay single for long. It seems that one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret models is now officially linked to the Minnesota Timberwolves hotty Marko Jaric. Since appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Superbowl Ad, Adriana’s pretty face has been all over the place, and now that she is linked to the hottest Timberwolves guard, it will be even more so. Marko Jaric is not so bad himself, what with being 6 foot 7, 224 pounds and an NBA star. This hottie from Belgrade, Yugoslavia is also a member of the Serbian National Team. *sigh* She’s so pretty, and so lucky, you almost want to hate her.

Adriana Lima and Miss Piggy…

It hit me instantly! Miss Piggy, is that you!? Well, Adriana must’uv learn’t a few tricks from the posh muppet since she’s showing the cameras some love. Here’s Adriana Lima in all of her glory @ the “Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl VIP Salon” in Paradise Valley, Arizona, on Saturday. It looks like she’s promoting the crap out of yet another shitty Victoria’s Secret product. I mean, OK… the lip gloss is fab., and the pjs aren’t bad, but the lingerie is some poor quality stuff. It’s amazing how their whole brand revolves around the lingerie… but, I guess sex sells. It’s a good thing you can’t see up close on the runway!

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